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IFA Auto Insurance has been operating since 1972 and focuses mainly on offering rewards to good drivers who maintain clean driving records, by offering inexpensive insurance coverage. For a while, due to complaints from clients regarding slow claims payments, the company had a negative status rating.

However, IFA Auto Insurance restructured the company by selling sections of the business in order to get back on its feet again. This move had an extremely positive effect on the company, which since then has jumped from a negative status to that of a stable one, by some of the top-rated, most important, independent insurance rating companies.

Although this resulted in the company’s status being upgraded to a stable, or B++ rating, which is far better than a negative rating, it still has a long way to go to reach the status enjoyed by many other insurance companies, which is that of the top rating of Excellent A++.

When you buy an insurance policy, the company calculates automatically whether or not you and members of your family qualify for certain discounts, such as good student, anti-theft device, defensive driver, safety device, loyalty, as well as ticket and accident-free discounts. These discounts greatly raise the possibility of you getting the cheapest rate on your insurance coverage policy.

IFA Auto Insurance offers insurance coverage to private passenger vehicle owners, and makes every effort to provide the best possible product, as well as great service, while at the same time offering them very competitive prices. They make it very easy as well, for their clients to manage their insurance policies. They have a web site that is simple to use, and have a wide variety of online tools that allows clients to change their policies, update them if they need to, check details of their policies, report any claims, and also make online payments as well.

As mentioned earlier, IFA Auto Insurance gives rewards for good driving too, by offering great vehicle insurance prices, as well as lower payment rates. Should you be interested in getting a quote from them, all you have to do is go to their web site and give them the information they require from you, or you also have the option to call them on a toll-free number, and speak to them personally.

Although some of their customers did complain in the past, they receive some very good reviews these days, some of them from clients who have been with them for many years. For instance, one client, who has been dealing with IFA Auto Insurance for no less than 10 years already, says that his claim was handled extremely efficiently, and that he is very happy with the prices he received from the company, and has only experienced very good service from them.

He states further that, while there are customers who complain that they sometimes get voicemail when they call the company, says that he too has had voicemail on the odd occasion, but that the company has always returned his call as they promise to. After recommending IFA Auto Insurance to some of his friends, they too have been dealing with the company for a number of years, and have to date not had any complaints about the service they receive, or the prices they pay for their insurance.

The bottom line is that IFA Auto Insurance did not have a good reputation in the past, but they have done everything in their power to change all of that, and have done so successfully, or they would not have received their new upgraded status by some of the country’s leading insurance rating companies.


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